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Flexible Solutions for Greater Business Success

Your network not only supports day-to-day operations, it’s also your source for staying ahead of the competition.

Carrier Services

Because Ecoband owns its telecom infrastructure, we sell quality network services to international telecom operators with customers in West Africa. Additionally we provide “last mile” services for our international partners.

IP Transit

IP Transit Service provides access to the Internet using Full BGP Routing with non-oversubscribed, high-speed and low-latency links.


DIA Service provides access to the Internet with a non-oversubscribed, high-speed, low-latency and fewer hops connection for your African sites.


IPLC service allows your company to connect African sites with a point-to-point private line, guaranteed bandwidth and deterministic latency.


Hosting and housing services in the main African cities as well as European PoPs, providing a secure and reliable hosting location for content and servers fulfilling harbor policies

L2 & L3 VPN

L2 and L3 services allow you to connect your African sites through Ecoband’s MPLS Network using a wide variety of solutions based on your needs.


Ecoband provides secure and cost effective Layer 2 Connectivity with the largest cloud providers such as ASW, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform.

African Peering Partners

Peering With Content Delivery Networks

Peering at International Exchange Points

Pops at International Data Centers

IP Transit Partners

Fiber Optic Services

Our Submarine Fiber optic Internet Service is an  Internet backbone connectivity solution with over 10Gps submarine fiber optic connectivity on the ACE, WACS and Equiano submarine Cables.  This product is designed for organisations that require a high availability network including, corporate IP networks, service providers,  educational institutions, NGO’s and other institutional customers in Ghana. The service delivers top quality Internet and data access, as well as a first class service and support infrastructure.Ecoband has points of presence in Accra, Johannesburg, London and Paris and we operate redundant links from Ghana to Europe and South Africa, giving Ecoband Networks full redundancy to the Internet backbone and major content providers. We are a Tier-2 Internet Service Provider connecting directly with international Tier-1 providers like Cogent, PCCW and Workonline. 

Ecoband is a founding member of the Ghana Internet Exchange GIX and the Accra-IX and we peer at the London Internet Exchange LINX and France-IX in Europe as well as NapAfrica and JINX Internet exchanges in Johannesburg. In addition, we directly connected to all major CDNs including Akamai, Amazon S3, Apple, CloudFlare, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Yahoo.

Our Last-mile delivery consists of broadband wireless PTP and PMP solutions and we also provide underground terrestrial and aerial fiber optic backhaul local loop services, all delivered  to our customers router via Gigabit Ethernet.


Wireless Broadband

Ecoband Wireless Broadband Service is a fixed wireless Internet backbone connectivity solution designed for small, medium and large businesses  in Accra, Tema, Kumasi, Takoradi and Tamale. We deliver top quality Internet and Data access via two independent links on the ACE and WACS submarine fiber optic cable systems connecting Ghana to Europe  allowing full redundancy to the Internet backbone.  

Service Benefits
  • No data limit
  • Public IP address
  •  Average round trip delay of 120msec
  •  Availability of 99%
  • Multi-service capability (Internet, VoIP, IPTV)
  • Direct Internet backbone access • Last-mile: WLL

VSAT Services

 Since 2000 Ecoband has provided VSAT services & technologies to operations through out the Ecowas region. Our tenure with this technology has afforded us practical experience and the skills to support some of the leading brands within the Global VSAT community. Additionally our certified VSAT technical team supports international brands such as SonemaGlobecomSATADSL and Speedcast. Ecobands team is well versed in various VSAT technologies including C Band, KU Band, and KA Band. This skill set makes Ecoband a truly unique business connectivity solution provider within the region. Recently, Ecoband has partnered with LEO provider SWARM, making the company uniquely positioned to deliver decentralized IOT projects at scale. 

C Band

Dedicated and reliable satellite solutions for enterprise and provider networks.

KU Band

The best and most affordable satellite service for transactional applications, standard Internet access including web surfing, email, VoIP and similar applications.


 Swarm covers every point on earth at all times, eliminating dead zones. SWARM provides Cost Leader Satellite connectivity at a fraction of the cost of other providers, no setup or hidden fees.Two-Way Comms controls your devices at a distance by sending remote commands in reaction to changing conditions.

KA Band

With the benefits of greater capacity and throughput, Ka-band High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are the answer to the increasing demand for internet-based and data-driven applications. 

Cloud Services

Our opex based solutions give you Fortune 500 performance at SME pricing.

Smart Office

Successful businesses care about controlling costs and increasing profits. Ecoband offers customized solutions for businesses of every size. Based on next generation hardware like Fortinet, Ruckus and Quantum, our suite of cloud based services will give your business Fortune 500 performance at SME prices. We are able to offer our customers this value because there are no down payments or setup fees. You simply a monthly recurring fee. 


Using Domestic Cloud Services, businesses of every size are already enjoying these benefits:

  • Positive cash flow – We’ve invested in advanced telco hardware and software infrastructure so you don’t have to. With a nominal monthly recurring payment (MRC) you only pay for what you use.

  • We use the latest and greatest software and firmware –

  • Our cutting edge system is continuously updated.

  • Zero maintenance cost – No hardware on your premises means no maintenance.

  • 24/ 7 /365 Support-Focus on your core business – With the option of managing services with Ecoband.

  • Remotely managed services insures all your systems are always up and running.

With over 15 years of experience providing connectivity services to a broad range of customers, you can count on Ecoband Networks to be cost effective and efficient provider.


Security Package

Domestic Cloud Solutions

Threats can come from any direction. Protect your servers, desktops, laptops and email.  Our security package includes a Virtual Firewall and an Office Email Security Package 


The Virtual Firewall

  • High-level security that protects your network environment
  • Control user access to internet and websites
  • Constantly updated signatures detect the latest malicious attacks

Office Email Security Package

Protect your inbox and your network from viruses and spam. Our top-notch email security:

  • Blocks up to 99.7% of spam trying to enter your inbox
  • Neutralizes up to 90% of threats before it gets to your computer.
  • Provides seamless integration and user interface

Bandwidth Traffic Control Package

Domestic Cloud Solutions

We know that making the most of your bandwidth can be challenging. With Ecoband’s Bandwidth Traffic Control you can:


  • Make the most of your bandwidth by limiting certain applications at certain times
  • Save monthly expenses on buying additional bandwidth

  • Review monthly reports such as bandwidth the utilization.


Domestic Cloud Solutions

Enjoy the ease of making HD quality calls with our cloud PBX platform.


Enjoy these benefits:

  • Information encrypted and stored in Gilat Telecom’s domestic data centers in Africa with easy restoration when required
  • No Need for high cost on premises PBX machines 
  • Use as many extensions as you need
  • Save on phone cost with free calls between branches even internationally  

Hi Performance Smart Wifi

Domestic Cloud Solutions

One Network for all converged services –

No matter the layout of your environment, we provide high-performance, secure and reliable access.



  • State-of-the-art carrier grade access points fully replace the need for a wired network in your office

  • Compared to most of access points currently available on the market, our smart wi-fi antennas extend your wi-fi coverage

  • Ensure enhanced security when ever you connect.

  • Cloud controlled access points.

  • Our experts install and remotely monitor access points to ensure constant wi-fi connectivity

Shared Capacity

Shared Bandwidth to Deliver High-Performance Applications Cost-effectively.

Work from home | Online class | elearning | Zoom | Netflix | Streaming Services | Gaming | Small Business  

Speed | Reliability | Affordability

Ecoband offers up a series of always on shared capacity broadband links. Available via both Radio and Fiber, these products are ideal for a number of uses including: business applications.working from home, online classes, e-learning, Zoom meetings, Netflix, streaming services and gaming.  

Our services are not capped or bundled. These always on, truly unlimited products take the anxiety out of affordable connectivity – you no longer need to worry about remaining capacity: conduct Zoom meetings, watch Netflix, stream your favorite radio station  and allow the kids to access online classes, all without running out of a data plan. 

Ecoband’s products are built to deliver bandwidth without the cost and complexity of a dedicated network.

10 mbps

Contention 1:4
Truly Unlimited
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25 mbps

Contention 1:4
Truly Unlimited
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50 mbps

Contention 1:4
Truly Unlimited
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