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Reliable Communication Solutions and Domestic Cloud Services.

Connectivity Solutions.

We provide comprehensive and flexible satellite, microwave and fiber optic based solutions for Internet backbone connectivity well as broadband and MPLS services. Our strategic partnership with the leading international providers of state of the art communication equipment and services, allows us to offer cost-effective solutions that help corporate networks to reduce costs, improve service and become more competitive.


"Because Ecoband exceeded our uptime projections we were able to defer a planned backup network, this has saved us considerable capex and opex expenditure!"

Market Segments


Todays customers demand high availability, high speed, secured networks.Customers expect international security standards. Not only is ecoband able to provide connectivity solutions but we also support our customers in PCI, GRC as well as ISO.

Information Tech

The Information Tech industry evolves rapidly with new technology adoption as the status quo.This sector demands international grade customer service. Using deep knowledge, experience and a can do attitude, Ecoband is able to support this market segment.

Non Governmental

As a regular feature of the African IT landscape. NGO's are located in both urban and hard to reach areas. This sector demands conservatively priced connectivity solutions that simply work. Ecoband's portfolio of products and services delivery on high availability, with minimal support.


The face of education has changed. Even the blackboard and chalk class rooms require technology to deliver a rich learning experience. Whether running an LMS or a cloud based app, todays learning environment require's Ecoband's seasoned, tech savvy team.


Manufacturing in Ghana involves both local and international stake holders.Real time connectivity, including MPLS, WAN and VPNs are requisite. Successful implementations and cost effective solutions that work, require a solution provider with International presence and local expertise.


Not since independence have we seen such activity within the energy sector. Again the multitude of energy companies in Ghana require high availability, high capacity networks that allow not only production monitoring and backup but also front office systems to function flawlessly.


Hospitality is a sector underpinned by bandwidth hungry systems. Guests visiting your location require redundant, high available, hi-speed networks that deliver the OTT triple play services.

Health Care

Whether its the storage and transmission of MIR's or any mission critical data, or maybe its a live video consultation with internationally based specialists. There's always a reason why Ghana's top medical institutions continue to turned to Ecoband, simply put we deliver.

Internet Backbone Connectivity

Our flexible and cost-effective submarine fiber, satellite and broadband wireless connectivity solutions empower individuals, companies and organizations.

Submarine Fiber Optic Connectivity

Submarine Fiber Optic Links: Dedicated IP and MPLS services deliver top quality Internet, Voice and Data access, via multiple, redundant submarine fiber optic cables with first class service and support infrastructure by Ecoband Networks.

Metro Fiber Links: Cost efficient fiber optic local loop links for WAN and Internet service delivery in Accra, Tema and Kumasi with unparalleled up-time and QoS.


Satellite Connectivity

DVB Satellite Links: Dedicated and burstable Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) IP downlinks for operators with low cost installations and reliable mulit-pop services.

C-Band VSAT Links: Dedicated, reliable satellite solutions for enterprise and provider networks.

Ku-Band VSAT Links: The best and most affordable satellite service for transactional applications, standard Internet access including web surfing, email, VoIP and similar applications.

Ka-Band VSAT Links: Inmarsat Global Xpress is the first high-speed Ka-Band broadband network to span the world. It delivers seamless, globally available, high-speed broadband connectivity on land, at sea, and in the air.


Wireless Connectivity

4G Wirless: Airspan's Air4G base stations ensures the highest quality, capacity and range on a network while meeting the requirements of a wide variety of applications for carriers and operator as well as vertical markets such as smart utilities, transportation and public safety.

Broadband Fixed Wireless: Cambium Networks Canopy point-to-point or point-to-multipoint radio solutions with low latency and high uptime guarantee for provider or corporate networks.

airMax Metro WiFi: Ubiquiti airMAX M series Technology provides performance improvements in latency, throughput, & scalability compared to other outdoor systems in its class.


Tier 4 Hosting Service

Dedicated and Virtual Server Hosting by Ecoband is a service that fully manages and monitors your server 24x7 by our qualified professionals, delivering you the freedom to manage your true business. Through our use of the latest and advanced tools we offer the optimal level of flexibility, value and control. We offer various contract terms including month-to- month, 6-month, 12-month, or 24-month contracts that will fit your requirements.


Our Strategic Partners

In delivering a total quality experience Ecoband has chosen to partner with a carefully selected group of providers that enable us to deliver the very best in connectivity solutions.

Our Customer Base

With over 15 years in the Ecowas region, we have cultivated an impressive roster of clients. Ecoband is proud to play a critical role in their continued success.

Ecoband POPs

Points of Presence in London: Telehouse West. Accra: RackAfrica, NITA and ACE CLS. Berlin: IPB.

Peering and IP Transit Partners

At Ecoband POPs in London, Accra and Berlin

Internet Exchange Points

Ecoband is a peering member of European and African Internet Exchange Points in Accra, Berlin, Lagos and London