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Oil extractors, especially smaller ones, require a resilient network structure because it lowers the break-even price per barrel, increasing profit margins. The improvement can sometimes be as much as 30 or 40%.

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The changing face of communication technology transforming the mining, oil and gas industries


Technological breakthroughs are producing sweeping changes throughout the economy, 

A case in point are the extractive industries such as mining, oil, and gas. While these are capital-intensive industries, they used to create millions of jobs, not only during the exploration and construction phases of major extractive projects, but also for production and maintenance.

Now all of that has changed. For instance, seismic testing of sites suspected of containing rich deposits used to be conducted with the aid of cables. Laying the exploration, let alone the exploitation, infrastructure used to be very labor intensive. But now sensors, wireless communication, and computers can do the job more quickly, cheaply, and accurately, or they can at least help companies plan more thoroughly and avoid unnecessary delays. Another example is well drilling, which used to be manual. Nowadays, computers are replacing blue-collar workers.

One reason why oil extractors, especially smaller ones, are attracted to communication technology is that it lowers the break-even price per barrel. Thus, profit margins increase, and they can avoid going out of business whenever there is a glut in the global market and prices collapse. The improvement can sometimes be as much as 30 or 40%.


To achieve these improvements, the underlying communications infrastructure must be a highly reliable and resilient system that interconnects sensors and controls across a large-scale field area network.

Ecoband networks solutions enable applications in exploration, drilling, multipoint transport, WiFi, Multipoint SCADA, Video Surveillance, field area networks, and pipelines throughout the digital oil field. Ecoband Networks integrates video, voice, email, and data traffic alongside SCADA data from RTU’s, sensors, and control points – on a single all-IP network featuring centralized end-to-end administration.

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Domestic Cloud Services 



Connect dispersed offices, branches and clients

With an extensive radio network spanning Accra, Tema, Kumasi,  our network enables you to seamlessly and reliably connect geographically dispersed branch offices, contact centers, systems, applications, data and people, anytime, anywhere. We can quickly deploy Microwave Radio within 24 hours of a site survey, Fiber Optic services within 2 weeks and VSAT solutions 3 weeks from PO. 

Maximize uptime and continuity

Csquared, fiber network provides dedicated last-mile access and its self-healing fiber-ring topology protects your critical data and provides superior network availability and resiliency. With Ecoband you get a diverse and separate network path and building connection from preexisting fiber carriers. In this way you have a reliable solution to ensure continuous service delivery, even during emergencies.

Streamline operations

With Ecoband as your partner you can implement a single, reliable platform for all your telecommunications needs. Working with a single provider can help you increase efficiency, minimize operational costs and free up IT resources to spend more time focused on business-enhancing projects and opportunities.

Receive 24/7 professional support

Our dedicated service and support professionals are focused on providing your company the reliable, high-quality service and support you expect and deserve. Rest easy knowing our expert teams are available 24/7 to keep your business operating at peak efficiency. 

Drive higher branch office productivity and revenue

Extend advanced network technology to all your locations to improve staff efficiency and extend service offerings that drive revenue at more client touch points. Keep clients engaged and occupied while waiting in branch offices with a range of television options and WiFi access solutions.