Domestic Cloud Services

 Our opex based solutions give you  Fortune 500 performance at SME pricing.

Smart Office 

Successful businesses care about controlling costs and increasing profits. That’s why Ecoband now offers customized solutions for businesses of every size. Based on next generation hardware like Fortinet and Ruckus our suite of cloud based services will give your

business fortune 500 performance at SME pricing because there are no down payments or setup fees, simply a monthly reoccurring fee. 

Using Domestic Cloud Services, businesses of every size are already enjoying these benefits:

  • Positive cash flow - We’ve invested in advanced telco hardware and software infrastructure so you don’t have to. With a nominal monthly reoccurring payment (MRC) you only pay for what you use.

  • The latest and greatest software and firmware - Our cutting edge system is continuously

       updated. Zero maintenance cost - No hardware on your premises means no 


  • 24/ 7 /365 Support. Focus on your core business - With the option of managing services via your IT department, remotely managed services insures all your systems are always up and running so get to focus on scaling your business. With over 15 years of experience providing connectivity services to a broad range of customers, you can count on Ecoband Networks to be cost effective and efficient provider.

Contact our team of dedicated account executives to see how easily your organization can perform like a fortune 500 company but we SME pricing. 


Security Package

Threats can come from any direction. Protect your servers, desktops, laptops and email. 

Our security package offers:

  • The Virtual Firewall

  • High-level security that protects your network environment

  • Control user access to internet and websites.

  • Constantly updated signatures detect the latest malicious attacks


Endpoint Anti-Virus Security

  • Real-time protection for your computers and servers against viruses and botnet

  • Low system demands that provide top-security without interrupting your workflow

  • Virus infiltration reporting, anytime, anywhere


Office Email Security Package

Protect your inbox and your network from viruses and spam. 

Our top-notch email security offers:

  • Blocks up to 99.7% of spam trying to enter your inbox

  • Neutralizes up to 90% of threats before it gets to your computer.

  • Provides seamless integration and user interface

Bandwidth Traffic Control Package 

We know that making the most of your bandwidth can be challenging. With:Ecoband’s Bandwidth Traffic Control you will be able to

  • Make the most of your bandwidth by limiting certain applications at certain times

  • Save monthly expenses on buying additional bandwidth

  • Monthly reports showing the bandwidth utilization

Hi-Performance Package

No matter how your work environment is designed, we provide high-performance, secure and reliable access to your entire network. We offer:

  • State-of-the-art carrier grade access points fully replace the need for a wired network in your office

  • Compared to most of access points currently available on the market, our smart wi-fi antennas extend your wi-fi coverage

  • You get enhanced security even when ever you connect.

  • Our experts will install and remotely monitor access points to ensure constant wi-fi connectivity

Data Protection Package ​

Protect your company’s most important asset – its information. Enjoy these benefits:

All your company’s information is encrypted and stored in GilatTelecom’s domestic data centers in Africa.

  • Easy restoration when required.

  • Best protection against ransomware attacks

  • Never lose data on endpoint devices, servers, storage and even cloudservices (Office 365, G-Suite, Amazon)