Perform at extraordinary levels

of project delivery 

Ecoband Enterprise solutions enable the construction/engineering sector to perform at extraordinary levels of project delivery 

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Just in time project delivery 

owner organizations are requiring the engineering/construction industry to perform at extraordinary levels of project delivery, hence, advances in project delivery systems and use of information technologies provide tremendous potential for enhancing the construction industry's overall performance.

possibilities for productivity improvements are often reflected within the efficiency in running the construction business processes. Drawing from this, ICT-based productivity improvements in the construction sector are often manifested in more efficient project management, process integration and workflow improvements, improved communication processes, precise resource planning and more cost-efficient and effective Customer Relationship Management. Again, the construction industry today is also characterized by rapid development of jobsite automation technologies which has resulted in productivity improvements  

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Domestic Cloud Services 



Connect dispersed offices, branches and clients

With an extensive radio network spanning Accra, Tema, Kumasi,  our network enables you to seamlessly and reliably connect geographically dispersed branch offices, contact centers, systems, applications, data and people, anytime, anywhere. We can quickly deploy Microwave Radio within 24 hours of a site survey, Fiber Optic services within 2weeks and VSAT solutions 3 weeks from PO. 

Maximize uptime and continuity

Csquared, fiber network provides dedicated last-mile access and its self-healing fiber-ring topology protects your critical data and provides superior network availability and resiliency. With Ecoband you get a diverse and separate network path and building connection from preexisting fiber carriers. In this way you have a reliable solution to ensure continuous service delivery, even during emergencies.

Streamline operations

With Ecoband as your partner you can implement a single, reliable platform for all your telecommunications needs. Working with a single provider can help you increase efficiency, minimize operational costs and free up IT resources to spend more time focused on business-enhancing projects and opportunities.

Receive 24/7 professional support

Our dedicated service and support professionals are focused on providing your company the reliable, high-quality service and support you expect and deserve. Rest easy knowing our expert teams are available 24/7 to keep your business operating at peak efficiency.